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5 Things Which Suprised me in Poland

During my travel abroad it is common to meet the local customs which are often weird and sometimes preposterous, do you know that people in Greece do not throw used toilet paper to the toilet only to a special basket? This is a pretty brutal example but in almost every country you will find some weird examples. Today I will talk about some things which surprised me during my quite long stay in Poland.

Things related to holidays and faith

First of all, you have to know that more than 90% of polish are Catholic, this is the biggest percentage in the world. One of the most famous Poles was Karol Wojty?a who was a Pope between 1978 – 2005, people in Poland are really strongly attached to faith and they also have their own habits. One of them is breaking the wafer which is Christmas tradition. During the Christmas dinner, people in Poland before the meal begins people are breaking the wafer (and they are making wishes each other) as a Christian symbol of breaking bread. When I first meet this tradition I was really surprised, but I think about it a little bit longer I realized that is a really beautiful tradition. Another thing connected with the with the Catholicism is “Kolenda” which is a short visit of the priest in the faithful’s homes. Usually, this kind of visits takes place around Christmas season. I have to admire that is really weird for me, and I would be really surprised if one day the priest knocked on my door out of the blue.

Quality of the transport

Before visiting Poland I heard a lot about bad roads and low-quality public transport after I spend some time in this country I have to admire that all these rumors are fake. When I came to Poland I was greeted by the modern airport, airport transportation is also at high level. Personally, I choose Quicktransfer just to book everything in advance, of course, you can take a cab, bus or even Uber all of these things are available. If you are looking some kind of organized trip you can also use discovercracow.com, they provide the best quality trips in Poland. I also had an opportunity to travel through Poland by hired car. What can I say about polish roads? They are not so good as in Germany but you don’t need to hire or buy off-road car. Only trains are not good quality, at least the one I had the chance to drive but I saw a couple of new ones so it seems that polish railway is undergoing modernization.