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8 Reasons to Cruise in 2017

One of the most relaxing ways to travel and see the world is via a cruise ship – that lets you explore places while keeping things in style.   You’ll be delighted with its intricately designed and decorated staterooms, enjoy a lavish vacation and use top-edge facilities, including fitness suites and luxury spas.

Cruises offer great value for everyone – as they’re all-inclusive, meaning you don’t have to spend more while onboard and they’re an efficient way of going places in just a span of time. So if you haven’t tried a cruise and now deciding whether or not to try it, you’re probably looking for good reasons why you should.

Why Cruise in 2017

  1. All-Inclusive

You can visit different destinations, enjoy all-day dining, join daytime activities, swim in multiple pools, or watch film screenings, and so much more – all included!

How does that sound? Aboard the ship, you also get to enjoy exciting activities in water parks, rock-climbing walls and zip lines, to name some, or feel as if flying in one of the wind tunnels or viewing pods above the ship.

Cruises include everything you’ll need for the vacation – and that means food, accommodation, tours and entertainment. It also includes sailing from one destination to the next, offering great value versus land travels or booking for each destination separately.

  1. Unlimited Options

Choose from a wide range of cruises available and sail to different destinations in the world, giving you a chance to explore cities, islands – and even continents, or you can also opt for themed cruises personalized based on culture or sports, name it.

  1. Unpacking Once

It could be the ultimate music to your ears, and that is what cruising has in store for you! If you’re traveling many places, you can just imagine lugging suitcases out the car, onto trains or across rough and dusty roads in land travels, but with a cruise, you don’t have to do all these – or climb from a flight of stairs to another to lift and carry your luggage.

  1. Easy to Plan

Once you have selected your itinerary and stateroom, nothing more has to be done on your part.  There is no need to look for accommodations and research about getting around and traveling from one place to another.

Additionally, you can participate in the pre- and post-cruise tours, such as overnight land tours and select dining choices according to your schedule.

There are many cruise offers to choose from and customize just like in the best cruise companies that offer Mediterranean cruises, which let you explore Athens, Corfu, Itea and Hydra, or an Alaska Voyage and Rockies Train, which will take you to Prince Rupert, Juneau and Banff, to name some.

  1. Getaway for Two or the Whole Family

If you’re a honeymooner, you and your sweetheart can enjoy cruising and a candlelit dinner on a private deck, while exploring destinations together. You also have the option to try one of the offered packages for honeymoons or weddings.

Now if you’re going with your family, you can take everyone – including your grandparents and toddlers because it provides a vacation for all ages with the numerous activities in store for every age group.

Your kids, teens and parents will enjoy hanging out in places especially designed and created for them.

For example, your parents can have a pampering session at the spa or your kids can swim in children’s pools all over the ship.

Without even saying, there is a wide range of activities and excursions suited for all types of travelers.

  1. Cruise with Travel Experts

You don’t have to find a shore excursion operator that is known and reputable in providing luxury tours to their clients because you can travel with the best to provide you with the ultimate cruise experience you’re looking for.

According Scott Anderson, the General Manager of the Luxury Cruise Company – “Thanks to the recent launch of the Crystal Esprit, Crystal Cruises is now the only major luxury cruise line to offer river ships, yachts and ocean cruising”.

  1. Multiple Destinations

By trying a cruise in 2017, you don’t need to choose and decide which places in Europe or the Caribbean to visit because you can go to different cities, islands and even countries – almost daily.

And no matter what kind of traveler you are, you can enjoy a wide range of activities without leaving your ship.   In fact, there are even rock climbing walls, zip lines and surfing lessons or even a slide at sea experience to try aboard a ship.

And last but not the least – #8 cruising is the ultimate relaxation that you deserve!

Indulge, pamper yourself and relax – there is something about the sea that makes cruises ideal for people longing for that perfect holiday to relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of the city and their hectic schedules at work.

A cruise is the most restful way to explore and enjoy destinations – each at your own pace especially when you’re in port. So go and take a tour to the best tourist attractions, peruse local shops, pamper yourself in the spas and get fit in the sports and fitness activities that a cruise has in store for you.

Cruising is for that ultimate relaxation and that perfect opportunity to experience the best travel of your life – ever! So, where do you want your first cruise – European, Mediterranean…?



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