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Italian Travels: An Essential Guide

Buongiorno and welcome to Italy! Is it your first time here or your nth visit? Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful country to explore, filled to the brim with rich history, delicious food, captivating culture and interesting sites! (more…)

Getting Around Milan: Transportation Tips for Tourists

So, you have decided to spend your weekend or vacations in romantic and fashionable Milan? Or you are just passing by and have a day to spend between the flights? Even if you are in Milan for couple hours, be sure you spend them to see this historic Italian city! (more…)

Adventures in Rome With Children

Rome is one of the best destinations to travel to with your little loved ones. It is abound with ruins and churches, but also many attractions that the children will like too. The children will be very happy to be there (more…)

Italy – A Country to Charm

Italy is a country possessed of fatal charms. Throughout the centuries it has been spoken of by both its inhabitants and its visitors with such affection it could be mistaken for a lover. There is something unique and beguiling about its landscapes and its culture, which allows the country to take a firm hold of […]

Discovering the charms of Palermo

Sicily’s capital, Palermo, has everything you can possibly look for in your holiday destination. Stunning beaches on one side, great architecture and archeological sites on the other, you will never run out of things to do in Palermo. (more…)

Tuscany Through the Eyes of a Tour Guide

An old saying in says, “Tuscany is like a fine wine that has been some time in the making”. When you visit this beautiful southern region of Italy, the exquisite beauty of the land, as well as the surroundings of extraordinary paintings, magnificent sculptures, and historic Roman architecture that are the focal points of Tuscany […]

Discover the splendour of Italy’s lakes

Italy’s lakes have long been popular tourist destinations thanks to their stunning scenery, picturesque towns and the array of art and cultural attractions that they boast. If you’re not sure where to go for your next holiday to Italy, here are a few reasons why the lakes should be at the top of your list. […]

The top summer festivals to party at in Pisa

There’s no better way to enjoy a summer festival than against a backdrop of beautiful architecture and stunning attractions such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The Italian city of Pisa has a jam-packed schedule of summer events this year that are definitely worth checking out. (more…)