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How to Plan Your New Zealand Adventure

Despite its relatively small size that can be compared to Japan, New Zealand offers spectacular sights to see, picturesque landscape and a 360-degree adventure for every kind of traveler or backpacker for its rugged mountains, volcanic plateau and majestic coastlines, to name some. (more…)

Auckland’s SkyCity Hotel Scores A Hospitality Award Hat-Trick

True greatness consists in being great in little things – Charles Simmons Travelbug Award – Best Platinum Class Hotel In New Zealand (more…)

Queenstown Accommodation in 2014

Six Must-Stay Hotels and Resorts for the New Year (more…)

Amazing Auckland Activities

There are many interesting, fun and exciting things to entertain yourself and your family when you are visiting beautiful Auckland, News Zealand. Hiring a car is a fantastic way to get around the city and ensures you the opportunity to go where you want, (more…)

A Tour of Taranaki

Mount Taranaki is one of the most famous peaks in New Zealand in a nation full of mountains, and the region around it is unusual in that you can snowboard in the morning and surf in the afternoon. (more…)

Auckland New Zealand Weather Information for Tourists

People who are interested in visiting New Zealand should know what the weather is like each month. Read on to find out what the average Auckland weather by month is. (more…)

Motorhome & Campervan Rentals in New Zealand

A great way to take a vacation in New Zealand is by using a motorhome or campervan rental. You will have the flexibility of going to various locations and sites that you would like to see. You will not be tied down to one spot to be at night within a hotel. The place that […]

Auckland: A Water Enthusiasts Paradise

Being surrounded by pristine, gorgeous waters, Auckland is the perfect holiday destination for the traveler looking for a variety of different water-oriented activities. From leisurely boat rides, to something a bit more adventurous, Auckland offers a lot of different choices for the water enthusiast.

Wellington, New Zealand

We confess that this is really a short article on Wellington because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of places of tourist interest which make the Wellington city among the top ten, most visited places on earth.

Exploring New Zealand’s Beauty

Every year, millions and millions of people take to the air and/or trains to visit a exotic locations while on vacation. Our natural curiosities drive us to explore locales we’ve never seen before and breath in the culture of others. (more…)