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Escape the Friend zone with a Romantic Holiday in Australia

Ahh, romance. Where would we be without it? Aside from in full control of the remote, we mean. Joking aside, it can be difficult to be in love, and not be loved back. Especially when lots of our media is devoted to talking about romance and what couples can do together, being alone is hard.

But what are we supposed to do? Sometimes people just…friendzone us, and then we’re stuck. How do you get out of the friendzone when you’ve been put into it? Most people would say that there is no escape whatsoever, and you are doomed to languish there forever.

There is the possibility of hope for you and the person who put you in the friendzone, however – simply take them on a romantic trip to somewhere like Forest Rise in Margaret River to make sparks fly. The first step is to ensure that they don’t think of it as a romantic trip, because otherwise your hopes will be dashed from the start. It’s important for everybody involved to think that you are going as friends.

Going on holiday is perfect for trying to move out of the friendzone – it removes responsibilities and cares, and allows people to see each other in a different environment than before. Setting up these holidays is something which requires care, as you need to be sure that they will allow you to spend plenty of time together in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Going to a more unfamiliar place, or a slightly exotic one, will allow you to learn more about each other (and yourselves) along the way – this can have the effect of bringing you closer together, and allowing you to become closer friends, if not more.

Holidays are different from the norm because they allow us to show different sides of ourselves, sides that people may not have seen before. The way we react in everyday situations is not the way we react when we are well-rested and fed, which can mean that people don’t see us at our best. Having the holiday means relaxing, and being able to spend more time than usual relaxing over a cup of coffee or teathan you otherwise would.

To get out of the friendzone is difficult, but not impossible. Going on holiday can allow you to expand your friendship more, to get to know each other more, and to get to the point where the other person may think more favourably of the possibility of having a relationship with you. This can be helped by the places you go to – if they like activities, then make sure you go somewhere with activities (preferably partnered ones), so that you can spend time together. If they like to relax, spend time in a relaxing location where no one will bother you (and where you have the option to not bother each other, since this is important too). The choice of location is particularly important when it comes to these holidays.


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