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Historical Excursions from Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh on the Red Sea is known for its diving, snorkelling and beach resorts. You can also use Sharm as a base for visiting some of Egypt’s most fascinating tourist attractions. Historical attractions close to Sharm include St. Catherine’s Monastery, and you can also arrange longer excursions from Sharm el Sheikh to the pyramids or to the Valley of the Kings.


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St. Catherine’s Monastery

The 6th century St. Catherine’s Monastery in South Sinai is a popular excursion. Highlights in this beautiful monastery include mosaics, relics, paintings and St. Catherine’s chapel. The monastery’s museum has a collection of manuscripts that date back to the early years of Christianity. The monastery is located by Mount Moses and the site is also believed to be the location of the Burning Bush of Moses. The drive from Sharm el Sheikh takes approximately 2,5 to 3 hours.

The Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx

It is possible to visit Egypt’s most fascinating historical attractions using Sharm el Sheikh as your base, but most excursions require taking domestic flights. A short flight brings you to Luxor for the Hatshepsut and Karnak temples and the Valley of the Kings. You can also fly to Cairo to visit the Pyramid of the Cheops, the Egyptian Museum, the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza.

The Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx belong to the most famous symbols of Ancient Egypt and the most important tourist attractions in the country. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo contains approximately 165 000 artefacts from Ancient Egypt and throughout Egypt’s history. The main attractions include King Tutankhamen’s death mask, coffins and other treasures. For those who have little time, flying is the most comfortable way to travel to Cairo. The drive between Cairo and Sharm el Sheikh takes a minimum of six hours one way. Some tour operators offer bus trips from Sharm el Sheikh to Cairo.

Luxor and the Valley of the Kings

Luxor is home to several stunning historical attractions and it is sometimes called the biggest open air museum in the world. There are countless important, well-preserved and well-maintained historical monuments in Luxor including the Valley of the Kings, the Hatshepsut Temple and the Karnak Temples. The Valley of the Kings was once the burial place of the pharaohs and there are more than 60 tombs in the area. The Hatshepsut Temple is dedicated to the female pharaoh Hatshepsut. The Karnak Temples are Egypt’s biggest complex of ancient temples. Other sites in the area include The Temple of Ramses III and the Valley of the Nobles, another important burial site of the ancient pharaohs.

The flight between Sharm and Luxor takes less than an hour and it is possible to visit several unforgettable sites in Luxor in one day, returning to Sharm el Sheikh in the evening. For a more relaxed visit, spend a night in Luxor and explore more sites or spend more time on the main sites to get to know Egypt’s fascinating history in depth.


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