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How to Plan Your New Zealand Adventure

Despite its relatively small size that can be compared to Japan, New Zealand offers spectacular sights to see, picturesque landscape and a 360-degree adventure for every kind of traveler or backpacker for its rugged mountains, volcanic plateau and majestic coastlines, to name some.

What to expect

Its North Island is where to find mountain ranges running through the middle and farmlands on both sides. In the middle of the North Island is where its jaw-dropping volcanic plateau lies.

And when you head to the Island, you’ll be welcomed by the Southern Alps that form its backbone.

Without even saying, New Zealand offers much for adventurers who would love to try caving, bungee jumping, hiking and skydiving, to name a few. Now if you’re planning your NZ adventure, there are certain things to know so that you can stay on the right track and have a real good time during your trip. Check out this inspiration resource for your guidance

Typical Costs

  • Food: In restaurants, typical meal cost can be least 35 NZD, but there are cheaper alternatives, as there are many Korean, Chinese and Japanese restaurants around offering cheaper meals. Plus, there are fast food chains, including Burger King and McDonalds where to eat as well.
  • Accommodation: You’ll spend at least 20 NZD per night in a hostel dorm, 70 NZD in a budget hotel or at least 80 NZD in a private room.  You need to double check booking if you need Wi-Fi or if you are looking for free breakfast because not most accommodations can offer it. Now if you’re into camping, there are many camping grounds at varying rates for as low as 15 NZD/night.
  • Transportation: Getting around is another essential when you visit New Zealand. A common mode is local busses on which the average fare is around 3 NZD. There are also bike rentals in many cities on which average cost is 15NZD, with lock and helmet included. Additionally, there are hop on and hop off buses available costing between 200 and 800 for backpackers and this cost may include activities.

*If you’re staying in a budget hostel and cooking your meals, you’ll spend an average of US$70 every day.


There are many types of adventure waiting for you in NZ and these include outdoor and tourism activities.   Here are some:

  1. Explore the Franz Josef Glacier. If you love hiking, don’t miss this amazing spot, where you can crawl through tunnels. A basic hiking activity could cost 65 NZD or 550 NZD via epic tours through a helicopter.
  2. Try Nevis Bungee Jump! If you’re the thrill seeker type of traveler, then don’t miss the 500-foot jump opportunity. Worry not, though, as you can try lower jumps in Queenstown and Auckland.
  3. Go to Wellington and witness awe-inspiring architecture as well as experience different cultural activities.
  4. Explore the Wellington Botanic Gardens in which you will have a close encounter with some of the country’s finest forestry, aside from the rose garden, plant collection and brilliant landscape. Entrance is free.
  5. Visit the Abel Tasman National Park if you’re in the South Island. The place is where to enjoy hiking in the different trails or kayaking activities.
  6. Try skiing if you’re in NZ in the winter months and witness an amazing sight – of the snow-covered mountains with some of the best skiing spots in the country.
  7. Watch the Maori cultural show in Rotorua. The Maori culture will help you understand NZ’s culture.

[In New Zealand, you’ll find Maori words and symbols everywhere.]

If you want to have a better understanding of the culture, you can watch an evening show with dinner, which average cost is 120 NZD/person.

  1. Go to the Bay Islands where to enjoy whale and dolphin watching and swimming, along with other water activities, such as boating. This popular summer destination is perfect for weekend warriors. Just hop on a bus from Auckland to Paihia to go here.

Tips to save money

  1. Cook your meals.
  2. Hit the bars during happy hours in which you can drink cheap at 5 NZD.
  3. Choose your tours because they can cut a huge chunk of your travel budget if not.
  4. Work for your food and accommodation. If you’re a frugal traveler, you can also work in farms for free board and food. This is popular among travelers that want to stay in one place longer.
  5. Share a car. If you want to save more money in transportation, you can also ride share with other travelers and chip in for gas. But if car sharing isn’t an option, you can also hitchhike, which is also common in the country.
  6. A great place to start exploring the country is through free walking tours offered in Auckland, offering guests and locals a free tour for an insight of the city.

New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world for every kind of traveler. Explore botanical gardens, hike its rugged mountains or enjoy water sports, like kayaking. There is so much to discover waiting for you!  So before your travel, take note of these tips, places to visit and ways to save money when planning your New Zealand adventure.




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