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Do’s and Don’ts In Las Vegas

Are you heading to Las Vegas for the first time? If you have never been to this glamorous city, we can understand why you want to plan out your vacation in great detail. We believe that you will have a wonderful time, so long as you are following our guide.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for visiting Las Vegas.


  • Find the Ideal Hotel

It is so important that you get the best deal on a hotel. It is going to change your stay because location is everything in this city. We always recommend that you find a great hotel on the strip. It makes everything more convenient, as you just need to walk outside and you are in the heart of the Vegas nightlife. Look at all the major casinos and hotels to see what deals are available. Get the rooms that will cost you the least over the course of the trip.

  • Enjoy the Food

There is nothing wrong with spending a bit of money on food when you are in Vegas. Even though everyone thinks Vegas is all about gambling, the food is probably an even better attraction. Some of the fanciest and most exciting restaurants are located in Vegas. For instance, if you love Vietnamese food and pho, then Pho Kim Long is a must visit. It is an amazing restaurant. There are also some great buffets in Vegas, which are known for being affordable and full of wonderful dishes.

  • Explore Your Weird Side

The great thing about Vegas is that it is one of the strangest cities in the world. Whether you are walking by the Venetian resort, or you are looking at the replica Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty, you will be wondering where you have arrived. But that is the Vegas charm. Embrace your weird and adventurous side, and try activities that you would have never thought about before.


  • Gambling

It may sound counterintuitive to visit Vegas and not gamble, but that is our recommendation. If you are insistent on gambling, then go for the video poker and slot machines. Those are fun, but they will not cost you very much money. In contrast, you could lose $1,000 after ten minutes at a blackjack or poker table.

Watching people gamble and spend their money is fun. But doing it yourself is not ideal, unless you have tens of thousands of dollars you are happy to lose in an instant. Hang around the craps table if you want to see some fun action because that game can get quite lively!

  • Fixation with the Strip

We told you to book a hotel on the strip, but that does not mean you should spend your entire time there. Have fun at night and check out the different casinos and resorts. But make sure you are checking out some of the hiking and scenic tours that Vegas has to offer. There is plenty of culture and fun to be had when you are away from the strip.





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