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Why You Should Visit Canada

Want to experience the vastness and variety of Canada? Let’s take a look at the main attractions of this vibrant nation. (more…)

Native Cowboy Country

Canada is rather unique in that it celebrates both parties of its ‘Cowboys and Indians’ heritage. No other province does this better than Alberta, where the two cultures that once lived alongside each other in disharmony are now celebrated and preserved in equal measure. (more…)

The Most Liberal Countries in the World

Liberalism is an incredible broad term which can refer to many different aspects of a country’s philosophy. What it means to be liberal is shrouded in ambiguity since it means different things to different people; for example, some might consider a lawless society to liberal, (more…)

Summer Adventures in Bella Coola, Canada

Often when we think of summer adventures we think of packing it up and going to the beach front, an amusement park, or walking in a market district taking in the culture. And honestly, much is to be said about any one of those activities and how rewarding they can be. (more…)