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Forget the Mayan Palace Scam Reviews – Here’s an Inside Look at This Cancun Resort

When you’re browsing for the best prices and amenities to book your dream vacation, the options for flight and hotel packages and the number of travel reviews can really make finding the right resort or luxury hotel experience for you a difficult one.

Riviera Maya
Riviera Mayafa4973 / Foter.com / CC BY

Unless you know you’re using a reputable website, there is really no way of knowing if the information you’re getting is true or false. The Mayan Palace has recently been targeted by disreputable independent reviewers, so it’s time to clear the air about one of the most luxurious and sure to please travel destinations in Mexico.

A Little Information About One of Mexico’s Finest Luxury Resorts

The Mayan Palace is one of the jewels of the Riviera Maya, as it’s bordered by white sand beaches, gorgeous and bright turquoise water, the world’s second largest coral reef, ecological reserves, and ruins of ancient Mayan cities, leaving you so much to explore outside the hotel. The hotel features the impressive Jade Boutique, which is known for its hand-blown glass and precious gemstones, but also has almost anything you and your family will need during your stay. Like many resorts in the area, the Mayan Palace has organized activities for your enjoyment, but also has a Kids Club for children ages 5-12 where your kids will be looked after by the hotel’s expert staff in case you and your partner want to have a romantic dinner or spend some time alone at the pool or spa. According to TripAdvisor.com, couples and families have filed the most reviews about the hotel, but one recent review titled “a piece of paradise” said, “We have been to this resort for 3 years in a row. It is a business trip and we…thoroughly enjoy the layout, service, food, and music.” This review shows that the hotel is ideal for all occasions.

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Mayan Palace Riviera Mayamemoflores / Foter.com / CC BY-NC

Luxury Rooms and Suites at the Mayan Palace

There are three types of rooms available at the Mayan Palace Riviera Maya, moving from the “Master Room” to the “Suite” and finally to the most luxurious “Master Suite.” Many amenities offered by the hotel are standard with each room, such as a television and a private terrace, but the “Master Suite” is like a small home away from home, featuring two full bedrooms and bathrooms, kitchen and dining area, a living area, and three private terraces. The two bedrooms are separated by a door and small corridor to give either room all the privacy you need, making this room a great option for any family of 4-8 people. In fact, another TripAdvisor reviewer, who is a mother of six, stayed at the hotel with her family and commented, “This is a resort with a kitchen, so use it,” explaining that some reviewers had posted negative reviews due to what they thought was high food cost. This mother of six clearly did her research when looking for a resort, as she goes on to say in her review, “If I wanted less expensive food I would book an all-inclusive resort,” which just goes to show you how the negative reviews this mother is addressing can come from other travelers’ lack of preparation and research. Don’t always believe the hype when it comes to what you read or see online. Be sure to find reputable travel sites like TripAdvisor when looking for travel reviews of the destinations you would like to visit, and remember this reputable information about the Mayan Palace scam, and about the royal treatment awaiting you at the Mayan Palace Cancun.


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  1. Steven Bowman January 28, 2014 at 6:13 pm #

    I had a horrible experience at Mayan Palace!! Not only was the presentation 3 hours (promised 90 minutes), but they DID NOT give us what they promised for going. They offered a 4 night paid vacation, and we got NOTHING. We received what looks like a gift card, and they told us we would just need to call the number on the back to book. When we got back to home and called it was NOTHING. Not a vacation, not a discount for a vacation…..NOTHING. We called and emailed Mayan Palace, and they did nothing about it. They gave us an email address, which we have never got a return email on yet. (several tries). The people on the phone say that is the only way to be helped… they are unwilling to help. Many people have been scammed out of money for attending a Mayan Palace timeshare presentation, so it could have been worse. I’ve been to other legit timeshare presentations, but this one scarred me. DO NOT GO….and if you do, be prepared for some super hard selling. They will change people on you 5 times before you can claw your way out of there

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