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6 Reasons Why British And American Tourists Love Australia

The land down under has interested British and American tourists ever since we started running publically available transport to the continent way back in the 1960’s. Since that time, the level of tourism to their area of the world has gone from strength to strength, (more…)

Australia’s New Ad Campaign Draws More Tourists to Kangaroo Island, Hopes for Barossa Valley and Adelaide

A striking series of new tourism ads for South Australia has created a buzz in both the Australian tourism department and the opposition. Directed by Australian filmmaker Jeff Darling, the ads have been somewhat controversial. (more…)

1,000 Australian Partner Visas Cancelled After Government Crackdown

A number of foreign nationals who entered into fake relationships with Australian citizens have had their visas taken away after a crackdown by the Australian government. It is estimated that more than 1,000 partner visas have been cancelled since 2010. Reasons for cancellation include false claims, (more…)

Australia for Older Travelers

Before you travel to Australia, get on the Internet and find a web site that specializes in Australian travel. There are even websites specifically designed to help you make your entire trip perfect, down to the last detail. Here are some ideas to get you started in the planning process:

Things You Can Do in Sydney, Australia

Have you ever been to Sydney, Australia? You would think you were in heaven. The best way to see Sydney is to have a travel guide with you so you don’t miss anything. You are going to see the most gorgeous beaches and cities, the rainforest and the swamps. Most tourists and students do go […]