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Heavenly Hawaii: Your One-Stop Travel Guide to the 50th State

There aren’t many places in the world that people put on their bucket list time and time again. Did you know that visiting Hawaii is the top destination that people put on their ‘must see destinations before they die’? (more…)

Downtown Honolulu

Hiking Diamond Head in Hawaii

Diamond Head was formed by volcanic eruptions and is estimated to be about 150,000 years old. Considered a must do for those who visit Oahu, Diamond Head is located between Kahala and Waikiki, and rises to 762 ft offering those who make the hike up to the top (more…)

Going to Oahu? Ways to Save on Time and Money

Hawaii is paradise.  Just ask anyone who’s been there. Even the locals call it that. America’s 50th state has a reputation for being expensive, and many things are, especially gasoline and food products that have to be shipped from far away. (more…)