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Where to head in Covent Garden for a wonderful shopping trip in the heart of London

There are numerous things to see and do in the popular district of Covent Garden where travellers can enjoy shopping with a variety of stores on offer.


Learn which supposed facts about London are actually myths and misconceptions

There are many historic, transport and architectural claims about London that are often incorrect so it is vital travellers in the city learn about the real facts.


Top tips on choosing the best cruise on the beautiful Thames River in London

There are many boat rides to take when heading down the Thames River that offer scenic routes, amazing landmarks or just a quicker course to a destination.


Have a wonderful time at the Tower of London attraction when in the English capital

The Tower of London is an ideal sight to head to with all the family where guests can learn about what this historic attraction has to offer travellers.


Tips to Ease your Business Trips to London

It is always that people travel to London to spend their vacation but, instead many people are flying every day to London for their jobs or business purpose. And you might be one of those people to travel to London for your business. Thus, here are few tips listed for you to make the whole […]


Brixton, London, a great neighbourhood

There is many good places in the city of London and Broxton is one of them. The area is full of natural beauty, many shops, stores, hotels, restaurants etc.

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From the UK to Ireland and Back: How to Make One Amazing Trip

A UK trip is just what the doctor ordered if you have had a long year of work. However, you can do better than just the UK this year: by including Ireland in your UK trip you can experience a rich, multi-cultural experience. Here is how to make your trip amazing. (more…)


London in 2012: 7 reasons to visit

There are countless reasons to visit England’s capital, from West End shows to sporting triumphs, gourmet meals to bargain shopping expeditions, but 2012 looks set to tempt even more visitors than usual, thanks to it’s excellent line up of events. (more…)

Education Abroad

Education Abroad Across the Pond

The rapid expansion of the Internet has given way to a significant increase in opportunities for students to study online, no matter where they are located. London, the capitol city of Great Britain, is an extraordinarily popular destination for both tourists and (more…)

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Short Break to UK

If you are looking to book a short break to a destination in the UK, then why not choose a break to the capital city of England? London has plenty of things to do, from shopping to sight-seeing and of course, taking in a high-scale production at the West End. (more…)