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Shanghai – Fashionable and Traditional

Shanghai is a lovely international metropolis with its rich mixture of colonial charm and ultra-modernity. When traveling to Shanghai, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Shanghai Rollercoaster.
Shanghai @yakobusan Jakob Montrasio ??? / Foter.com / CC BY

The weather in Shanghai is usually moist and mild, much different from Beijing. There is a lot more precipitation in Shanghai, but the winters are not as severe. The summer months are hot, but wet. The rest of the seasons are pretty mild – although it can dip below freezing during the winter months. Always have an umbrella on hand, and carry a variety of clothing.

Shanghai is full of tourist attractions, but a first time traveler might not realize this. Most of the attractions are located west of the Huangpu River, and some are in Bund. Shanghai’s major landmark is the Oriental Pearl Television Tower. The antenna on the top of the building reaches up so high that it can disappear into the misty sky. When visiting Shanghai, a tour down the Huangpu River is a must because it reveals many of the attractions.

Shanghai offers fashionable and traditional tourism. No matter what you like, you will find something that attracts you here. The modern aspects of Shanghai are found in the Yu Yuan Garden, the central business district and along the Huangpu River. For people who enjoy the more traditional aspects of Shanghai, you will find Shikumen a nice place to visit. Here you can enjoy some traditional foods from Shanghai. The various water towns within Shanghai offer a great option for tourists.

Any visitor will enjoy the shopping experiences in Shanghai. Many people refer to Shanghai as a “shopping paradise”. Nanjing Road is loaded up with magnificent modern malls just waiting for the shoppers. You will notice plenty of curio carts in the streets where a visitor can purchase ancient oriental souvenirs.

Shanghai is also full of amazing museums. You can visit the Shanghai Museum, the Bund History Museum and the China Sex Culture Museum, which is not so family friendly. The Shanghai Museum is located near the Grand Shanghai Theatre and an underground shopping centre as well as being surrounded by City Hall. The museum is home to over 123,000 artifacts and includes many Chinese paintings, ancient sculptures, Qing furniture, Chinese seals and ancient ceramics.

If you want to take a break from the big city on a bright, sunny day, the Shanghai Jinshan Beach is a great place to go. Visitors can enjoy boating, 4-wheeling, water sports and bungee-jumping. The beach is also host to annual kite-flying and volleyball competitions. Travelers can enjoy sitting back watching the sun set into the deep-sea while enjoying some of the tastiest seafood around.

If you have never been to Shanghai, it is a great idea to hire a local guide to show you around. This would ensure you see all the historical, business and shopping places that you want to see when you visit.


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