Enjoy traditional Dutch dishes in Amsterdam

In my opinion, the best thing about travelling abroad is getting to sample the national cuisine. That’s why, when I visit hotels in Amsterdam, I make sure I hunt out those little restaurants and cafes where I’m guaranteed to taste the local gastronomy.

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Hiking Diamond Head in Hawaii

Diamond Head was formed by volcanic eruptions and is estimated to be about 150,000 years old. Considered a must do for those who visit Oahu, Diamond Head is located between Kahala and Waikiki, and rises to 762 ft offering those who make the hike up to the top

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How to Make The Most of This Summer in Maryland

If you are planning a weekend getaway this summer, consider going to Maryland. The state has several attractions and lots of family friendly activities.

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Family Travel On Budget

How a Family Can Travel On a Budget

Traveling with the family can be a serious pain. What seemed like a joyous opportunity to take on the world with the little ones can easily turn into something out of a nightmare vacation movie. How can you keep your travel budget low and still take the family on vacation?

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Brighton, England, UK

The Bed And Breakfast Experience In Brighton

Many people coming to Brighton choose to stay in bed and breakfast accommodation. Brighton boasts a wealth of intimate bed and breakfasts as well as numerous guest houses right across the city.

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Coffs Harbour: Fishermen’s Paradise

Fishing is Australia’s number one recreational activity. More people fish every day in Australia than play any sport or engage in any hobby. Many families insist on taking their holidays at places friendly to fishing, and this is another feather in the cap of Coffs Harbour, the fishing is beyond your wildest dreams.

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Online Coupon Codes Open the Door to Great Accommodations

No matter what type of hotel room you are looking to book, you can definitely find it on this site as it is the quintessential website for acquiring great deals on hotel room accommodations.

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5 Wonderful Biking Routes in Scotland

When visitors think of recreation in Scotland, golfing or attending the Highland Games may come into mind. What about mountain biking as a part of your holiday in Scotland? This country has many trails that visitors and locals should be well aware of.

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Bantham Beach

Britain’s Best Beaches

England – Bantham Beach South Devon’s Bantham beach is a real hot spot for families and surfers. Underfoot is soft golden sand and the shallow bay makes for lovely little pools at low tide that toddlers will just love splashing about in.

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Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump

Native Cowboy Country

Canada is rather unique in that it celebrates both parties of its ‘Cowboys and Indians’ heritage. No other province does this better than Alberta, where the two cultures that once lived alongside each other in disharmony are now celebrated and preserved in equal measure.

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