How Has ESTA Changed Travel From The EU To The US?

There used to be a rather lengthy process to travel to the US that started with application for a Visa prior to 1986 when the Visa Waiver Program was instituted. The application process prior to the VWP could be grueling in some cases and it could take months to get the approval. (more…)

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Getting Around Milan

Getting Around Milan: Transportation Tips for Tourists

So, you have decided to spend your weekend or vacations in romantic and fashionable Milan? Or you are just passing by and have a day to spend between the flights? Even if you are in Milan for couple hours, be sure you spend them to see this historic Italian city! (more…)

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Travelling with a Disability: How to Get Around the UK

Living with a disability is often challenging, but there are many sufferers who are determined not to let it get in the way of their lives. Those who wish to travel are often undeterred, and with a bit of extra planning and determination, (more…)

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Top 6 Diving Places In Asia

About three-quarters of the world’s known coral species are found in the Asian waters. The waters are also known to harbor a rich marine ecosystem that stretches across thousands of kilometers touching various countries. These among other reasons makes diving be one of the great activities that you can do on the Asian continent. (more…)

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Top Sites to See When Visiting London

Whether you’re in London for a few days for fun or even scoping out the best places to retire, the city can be a bit overwhelming for those who are unfamiliar with in. And for good reason: Having been founded by the ancient Romans, London has been (more…)

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Popular Places in Wandsworth

The London Borough of Wandsworth forms part of Inner London and is a relatively quieter neighbourhood. Wandsworth is located west of central London and is a largely residential area. (more…) photo by:

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Cornwall Beach

Activities in Cornwall While You Enjoy Your Spring Cottage Holidays

If you have made a decision to head down to Cornwall this spring and stay in a nice Cornish holiday Cottage…well, let’s just say lucky you! Veterans and locals alike make no secret of the fact that spring really is the most beautiful and (more…) photo by:

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Holiday to Lanzarote

A step-by-step guide for organising your next holidays to Spain

The essential how to guide for organising holidays to Spain for dummies! photo by:

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Banff National Park

Why You Should Visit Canada

Want to experience the vastness and variety of Canada? Let’s take a look at the main attractions of this vibrant nation. (more…) photo by:

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Getting the Best of Botswana on Your Holiday

Go somewhere different this year – Botswana is bursting with amazing landscapes, culture and history and a truly awe-inspiring place for wildlife lovers. The best time to visit the country to go on safari is generally recognised as the dry season which falls between June and (more…)

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