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Top language apps for travelling

If you’re off travelling, it’s a good idea to learn key phrases and have some local language in your back pocket. You can literally do this by having language apps on your phone or tablet, which can help you gain new skills and have the phrases at hand when you need them.

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P&O cruises: a guide

P&O Cruises is one of the most famous cruise operators in the world. But just how good are its holidays? Take a look at our guide to see if P&O cruises are for you.

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Bali By Helicopter

Bali by Heli – Exploring Bali by Air

Possibly the most exciting way to explore the magical island of Bali is by air, especially by helicopter which offers the perfect way to take in the scenery from a unique perspective

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Wearing Contact Lenses in the Water

Think Before You Dive

Are you considering wearing your contact lenses to go swimming? Then read this article before you do. Find out why it is never safe to wear lenses in lakes and rivers, and what you need to do if wearing them in the ocean or in chlorinated pools.

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How to Lower the Cost of Your Next Family Vacation

Vacationing has always been a regular staple in the yearly rotation of your family life, yet this year the numbers are adding up a bit on the side of ‘Hey kids, let’s skip the vacation this year!’ side. 

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Jost Van Dyke: The New York of the Virgin Islands

Known fondly as the New York of the Virgin Islands because of its wealth of nocturnal activities, Jost Van Dyke is the perfect place to head on a Caribbean yachting charter if you are looking for a party.

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Heavenly Hawaii: Your One-Stop Travel Guide to the 50th State

There aren’t many places in the world that people put on their bucket list time and time again. Did you know that visiting Hawaii is the top destination that people put on their ‘must see destinations before they die’? photo by:

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Las Vegas Guide

The Ultimate Las Vegas Travel Guide 2015

When it comes to glitz and glamour, holidays to Las Vegas don’t come much better. Even the most cultured and intrepid of explorers are keen to explore the highlights of the Nevada desert for a week or two to discover the many delights that Sin City has to offer. photo by:

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Five Tips for Nervous Flyers

Even though flying is considered the safest way to travel, many people are afraid of flying on an airplane even for short trips like flights to Turkey. If you are one of these people, you should not let your fear of flying prevent you from traveling on an airplane.

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London in a Day: The Alternative Way

If you’ve been to Buckingham Palace, shopped on Oxford Street and seen a show at the West End, you might think you’ve already explored all London has to offer. Venture beyond the tourist hot spots though and you’ll find that a Londoner’s London is far more exciting than you think.

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